Singapore learns from Japan

Japan’s aging society has key lessons for Singapore, which is able to equally face a greying society in 15 years, aforementioned Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday.

Speaking at a dialogue to mark the 50th anniversary of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and business in Singapore (JCCI), he said: “We want fastidiously in any respect the items you are doing, all the technology you have fictitious. Devices for old people to use that can be spoons and forks or machines to provide old individuals showers.

“All types of terribly clever devices that create life a lot of pleasure and a lot of sense for individuals,” he said.

PM Lee was responding to adult male Takehiko Koyanagi, of monetary publication Nikkei Asian Review, who was alleviatory, the dialogue at the National University of Singapore’s University Cultural Central.

He additionally aforementioned Singapore must learn the way Japanese firms have tailored their practices to cater to older individuals within the force.

“Your firms are excellent at adjusting the roles, the wants, even the technology, so that previous individuals will be productive and stick with it operating. We’d like to try to do a great deal of that.”

The Prime Minister additionally lauded Japan’s cohesion in times of crisis, as seen in its response to natural disasters like the 1995 Kobe earthquake and therefore the 2011 Fukushima earthquake and waves that diode to an accident at a nuclear energy plant.

Japan’s Ambassador to Singapore, adult male Jun Yamazaki, noted in his speech the progress created within the relationship between the 2 countries since the post-war amount, once it absolutely was “tense”.

“Despite the tough state of affairs, investments and technology transfer from Japan grew steady at that time. This growth of Japanese investment in Singapore has resulted in Japan being the highest Asian capitalist in Singapore nowadays, in terms of FDI stock,” he said, bearing on foreign direct investment.