India International Science Fest

India International Science Fest in Kolkata from November 5

The India International Science competition (IISF)-2019 is command at Kolkata in November this year. An annual event collectively unionized by the Science and Technology-related ministries and departments and Vijnana Bharati, it’s aforementioned... Read more »

Increase teachers’ salary to better education

Teaching isn’t only employment, it’s an occupation. As a society, we have a tendency to trust lecturers to teach consequent generation—to educate our children—so that they’ll become the simplest they can be,... Read more »
Central Bank

Central Bank announces new rules for loan

The UAE financial organization has removed the 70-year regulation for the last mortgage compensation so as to ease loan needs for patrons of banks and finance corporations. The apex bank said banks... Read more »
Japanese android maker predicts that future robots will look and think like us,

Japanese android maker predicts that future robots will look and think like us,

Set in 2019, cult ’80s picture “Blade Runner” envisaged a neon-stained landscape of bionic replicants genetically built to seem a bit like humans. So far that has did not happen, however at... Read more »

Universities aren’t noticing student issues

Universities might overmedicalize the same old emotions of young adults while not invariably understanding a social part, argues Steve West, chair of the working party Universities UK: psychological state and eudaimonia in... Read more »

An innovative peek into the tech of tomorrow

CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) is an annual event where innovative technologies, products, and services are all exhibited along in one place let’s say what a future society is going to... Read more »

The UK Labour Party wants to abolish private schools – could we do that in Australia?

The UK’s Labour Party recently voted in a very policy to effectively get rid of personal colleges and integrate them into the state system. This is an adventurous move designed to redress... Read more »

Where the U.S.-Japan trade deal falls short of Trans-Pacific pact abandoned by Trump

Don’t expect America’s Land O’Lakes butter to knock New Zealand’s Anchor or France’s President Brands off store shelves in Japan, the world’s third-largest economy. Butter is one among many U.S. farm products... Read more »

Memory Toilets in Japan

If anyone can build a bathroom sexy, it’s Toto with their Japanese bathroom technology. Once someone wrote regarding her bathroom expertise at the recent room and tub trade Show (KBIS), it brought... Read more »