Global education news this week

The top news collected on education consists of a venture to allow millions of children to attend school, the poor conditions at unregulated schools in Nigeria, and a royal revelation for education campaigners.

This week the Education Commission, along with its associates initiated a program to gather $5 billion by the start of the year 2020, allowing them to be able to help millions of children attend school.

The generated funds would also allow the International Finance Facility for Education to prepare many million youngsters for the professional field.

The previous week, the Netherlands and the U.K. gave assurances of $500 million along with awards of $100 million for the International Finance Facility for Education to allow children to attend schools in nations considered to be between developing and rich countries.

The campaign by Theirworld, #WriteTheWrong, along with the Education Commission is urging people to donate to be a part of this venture. The establishment of the International Finance Facility for Education was backed by Theirworld. It is predicted to launch the following year.

Head of the Education Commission and the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown stated that U.K.’s and Netherlands’ substantial contributions signify how it is possible to bring about change. He added that they now need addition countries to be part of the venture and make a difference for all the school-going children.

News of abuse and torture has come out of an establishment claiming to be a Koranic reform school situated in northern Nigeria. The establishment was an Islamic one, unchecked by authorities.

The previous week police in Kaduna carried out a raid and discovered many hundred males (aged as young as five) contained at the establishment in terrible settings.

The males were seen to be chained, their limbs tied. Some were bruised, others sexually abused.