Singaporean Students Enjoy the Opportunity of Interning with Kaplan


Singaporean students from Kaplan were lucky to have the opportunity of interning with a few of the best and most creative start-ups in Singapore. Five of the shortlisted students along with start-up companies that are part of a community at The Working Capitol worked together on ideas for 3 months and managed to convince a panel of judges that included the Kaplan management and also a representative from their Industry Advisory Board, as well as the The Working Capitol. The winner, iWonder Pte Limited and the runner-up, LOPELAB, brought won prize money of 40,000 Singaporean dollars and 20,000 Singaporean dollars respectively at the Finale of the Kaplan Kickstart Challenge, a pitch session that was held on Friday at The Working Capitol.

The Kaplan Kickstart Challenge is the latest initiative of Kaplan for equipping students with skillsets that will prepare them for employment via real-life experiences. The inaugural edition observed an exclusive collaboration with The Working Capitol for matching the shortlisted students from Kaplan with their start-ups foe developing and pitching business ideas.

The Program took place from 8th July to 27th September 2019, and provided students with an opportunity of interning for three months at different start-up companies from several industries, ranging from health care to digital content and even recruitment. Along with learning from these start-ups and helping with the routine work, the students will also be able to contribute in implementing the business ideas. The students had to be a part of a team that would represent ideas at the Finale.