The meaning of Juche ruling the North Korean propaganda

North Korean propaganda

Although, it is just one word, it is hard to miss in North Korea. One sees it displayed across several propaganda signs that are seeded via dozens of media reports of the state, at the heartbeat of pop emotional songs as well as on the lips of earnest guides that show off the great monuments built that were built in its honor.

The word is pronounced as ju-chay, and although it is a political ideology, it seems more like a religion because of its ability to inspire dedication among the people of North Korea and its ubiquity as a state power symbol. Though it’s basically translated in English as “self-reliance,” the concept bewilders many outsiders.

Pyongyang uses this term liberally. The nation of North Korea calls nuclear bombs as “treasured sword” of the Juche. The newly revealed weapons fire Juche shells. A test was conducted in August of a new rocket launcher that heralded the fast development of this Juche-oriented industry of defense.

At a karaoke parlor in Pyongyang, visitors have the option of choosing to belt out a minimum of two Juche-related titles, “Juche Iron Is the Best” and also “The Way of Juche Is the Way of Korea.”

Juche is also used for counting the passing years. The current year is Juche 108, as it has been 108 years since Kim ll Sung, the national founder, was born.

Though this has been going around for decades, some of the observers are of the view that in the recent years, Juche has been embraced with a renewed vigor by the leader Kim Jong Un, as he stepped out with great confidence onto the stage of the world for a number of high-stakes summits regarding his nuclear weapons program as well as the international sanctions that are crippling his economy.