To Deploy Data Exchange Technology in Japan, Dawex Partners With Kanematsu Corporation

Data Exchange Technology in Japan

The leading data exchange innovation organization and the operator of the biggest data marketplace, Dawex, recently announced its partnership with Kanematsu Corporation, a major exchanging organization, to further deploy and spread data trading technology in Japan. Kanematsu will deploy and start its own data trading base depending on Dawex technology to provide its domestic and foreign network with the passion to develop a Data Network. This consent also extends the November 2018 business alliance and reinforce companies’ commitment in spreading data exchange platforms to Japanese companies to source, trade and monetize data with full security and in complete compliance with guidelines.

Mr. Masahiro Harada, Senior Executive Officer at Electronics and Devices Division in Kanematsu, says, “We base our corporate activities on the belief that contributing to society through business creation is the mission of a general trading company. Data trading will be a cornerstone of the increasingly digitized economy.”. Mr. Masahiro Harada added, “This partnership with Dawex will help expand Kanematsu’s footprint in the data exchange business.”.

Laurent Lafaye, co-founder and co-CEO at Dawex, says, “Data Exchange is a global activity with today more than 50% of organizations on our marketplace coming from different nationalities. Japan by driving data initiatives such as Osaka Track demonstrates its leadership and engagement in creating a regulated framework for international data exchange.”.

Fabrice Tocco, co-founder and co-CEO at Dawex, says, “Dawex partnership with Kanematsu reflects Japan’s key role and contribution to the development of the data economy. We are excited to bring our partnership forward with such a recognized trading company.”. He added, “We share the same vision that data is the new asset class that will ultimately be traded on structured exchanges, just like commodities and stocks”

Japan released at the G20 summit in June 2019 the Osaka Track activity to define rules on digital administration under the idea of “Data Free Flow with Trust”. Japan and the European Commission embraced mutual sufficiency decisions permitting free  transmission of personal information between the two systems with solid data security guarantees – making the world’s biggest area of safe data transmissions.

Kanematsu represents Dawex at the Data Trading Alliance, directly adding to the definition and advancement of secure information exchange in Japan.