Trump’s hatred for windmills is worrying for booming industry

booming industry

The wind power industry of America has been booming, making it one of the fastest growing energy sources of the United States.

Land-based turbines have been increasing by the thousands throughout America. And the United States wind boom is now expanding offshore, as big corporations have planned 70 billion dollars in investment for the first utility-scale offshore wind farms of the country.

A 13th-generation inhabitant of Block Island, where one of the pioneering offshore wind farms has replaced the dirty and erratic power plant of the island that was fired by diesel in the 2016, Polly McMahon said that they felt blessed to have it and she hoped that others would soon be blessed with it too.

But there is a big issue and that is that President Donald Trump hates wind turbines.

He has childishly called them ugly, disgusting, and stupid, and has denounced them in several of his anti-wind tweets as well as public comments that date back to more than a decade, when he had tried but failed to block a wind farm from developing near his Scottish golf course.

Trump, addressing a Republican crowd last spring said that those turbine blades make so much noise and hence cause cancer, a claim that was rejected at once by the American Cancer Society.

Now, the leaders of wind industry and their supporters fear that this federal government, under the administration of Trump, might pull back from what was years of encouragement for the climate-friendly wind.