Visa boost for foreign caregivers by Japanese Government

The administration has chosen to promote foreign nursing care laborers.  The government is taking special precautions for those who have worked for around four years and have a background in nursing, can change to the new “specified abilities” inhabitant status without taking the required tests, if they meet certain conditions. The measure is taken as a result to reduce work lack in the nursing care area by saddling the new inhabitant status presented in April.

Outsiders who came to Japan under an EPA recently needed to come back to their home country on the chance that they don’t pass the national test for nursing care laborers, however the administration has chosen remote staff who have obtained practical residential experience. Such laborers could be immediately used to expand workforce.

Securing the predetermined aptitudes status which requires to pass a Japanese capability test and a recently propelled nursing care strategies test, or even three years of experience as a nursing care specialized technical intern.