An innovative peek into the tech of tomorrow

CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies) is an annual event where innovative technologies, products, and services are all exhibited along in one place let’s say what a future society is going to be like.

This year’s CEATEC that The Japan Times is a prime media partner, are going to be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture from October 15 to 18. It needs   from all guests on the CEATEC web site, Individuals also can register on-line at the venue reception space throughout the event.

The event, sponsored by the CEATEC government Board, comprised of the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries, the Communications and Information network Association of Japan and the Computer Software Association of Japan, consists of 2 major elements — an exhibition and a conference.

The exhibition is created from 3 main purposes: “Total Solution” for products and solutions that are designed to understand Society 5.0, an ultra-smart society where individuals will have fancy comfy and active lives; “Smart X” for innovations that are expected to give birth to revolutionary changes in specific industries; and “Devices and Technologies” for showcasing electronic elements, devices, computer code and alternative technologies that square measure meant to support Society 5.0.

In addition, there’ll be 2 themed exhibits. One could be a Society 5.0 city within the central space of the venue. It showcases what society is going to be like in ten years, through exhibits of regarding seventy freelance booths of corporations from varied sectors, every giving product and services that build peoples’ lives convenient and a lot of economical.

“The booths are going to be lined up on the road that runs through the middle of the Society 5.0 Town, creating it doable for guests to expertise the town of 2030,” aforesaid Kiyoshi Shikano, the managing producer of CEATEC, through an interview with The Japan Times.