China’s top-most higher education system

education system

China has the best education system in the world and it is at the top right now. Several students have attended colleges and universities in China because of their high education system. All the students worldwide come to study in China because of their top-quality institutions and this way they have come a great way and have earned their name. On the 1st of October China has had its 70th anniversary after being found.

The enrollment ratio for higher education in china reached almost 50 per cent in 2018. It implies that they will provide access to their education system worldwide in all the countries regardless of the distance. This was according to the views of Martin Trow, a sociologist of the United States.

More than sixty thousand doctors have graduated from medical colleges in China only in 2018. It is a great deal and has made people aware of the quality of education they are providing.

They have moved up in the ranks because of the recent upgrades. The universities of China have topped the rankings of global universities. Three of the Chinese Universities have made it in the top 100 Universities according to the ranking of Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020. And four of them have made it into the top 200.

Over the duration of the last seventy years, China has made so much progress though it is hard to tell the secret of their continuing success but it can be seen clearly and is much appreciated worldwide.

Chinese higher education has some of the properties that are so distinctive and unique from others that can be said to have been the reason for its success.

The system is being controlled by communist parties. This makes the management of everything much easier and well done. And the selection is done with total wisdom. These can be called the distinctive features that make China come on top of others.