Industry wonder effects of Japan-Korea trade war on the Asian Film Market

Japan-Korea trade war

The trade dispute first began in July when Japan stated how it would increase regulations over the export, to South Korea, of chemicals crucial to the manufacture of semiconductors. Semiconductors are a vital component of most electronic devices, which are the country’s main exports.

Shinzo Abe, the prime minister of Japan, expressed his anger at the decision stating a 1965 deal where the nation gave South Korea an aid package to improve their relations, following their colonial past, was apology enough.

South Koreans, over the summer, began their boycott of Japanese goods and also stopped traveling to Japan.

Daniel Kim, the general manager at the Asian Film Market, stated how their Japanese attendance is not being impacted and is on its way to matching that of 2018’s.

He stated that they had 78 firms and 112 partakers from Japan, out of which 53 were buyers the previous year. This year, so far, they had 76 companies and 120 partakers, of which 48 were buyers. He said that they hope for increased on-sire registrations. He concluded how, at this level, there would not be a big difference.

Numerous exhibitors will be attending from Japan. Hakuhodo DY, NTV, VIPO, Gaga, ABC Animation, Nikkatsu, Toei, Shochiku, are among them. Exhibitors joining for the first time include NagoyaTV and Asahi Broadcasting Group.

The chairman and chief executive officer of Gaga Corporation, Tom Yoda stated how they were not worried about Japan and Korea when it came to politics. He said they would buy any film that works well with the Japanese audience. According to Tom Yoda, the firm is trying to be neutral Japanese youngsters like Korean food, Korean culture and are up for visiting Korea.