Japan among the two nations to show positive trade growth

Data released DHL, an international forerunning logistics firm, from the DHL Global Trade Barometer, indicated how sturdy ocean imports of Basic Raw Materials along with Industrial Raw Materials’ exports will be the chief contributor to increasing trade growth in Japan I the coming 2 months.

Japan and the United Kingdom were the only 2 countries that showed positive trade growth. For Japan, the DHL Global Trade Barometer displayed a positive growth momentum at 53 points, a rise by 3 points. This is a sign of Japan’s economic health. The Barometer is an early display of international trade developments, gauged through big data analytics and AI. This displayed the greatest growth prospects among all the 7 nations surveyed. This more than makes up for air trade’s somewhat wearying outlook.

The chief executive officer of the North Asia South Pacific DHL Global Forwarding Japan K.K., Charles Kaufmann stated how Japan was not completely unaffected by the present uncertainties the economy and trade worldwide were facing. He stated how, in spite of that, promising figures imply a sturdy ocean trade outlook which indicated Japan’s ongoing development, particularly in infrastructure investments linked to the approaching upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games that are obvious from the strong trade of Basic and Industrial Raw Materials. He added that the government, too, is also keenly developing trade relations such as the latest trade agreement with the United States and appointments such as the Tokyo International Conference on African Development. Charles Kaufmann said that it is a definite sign of Japan’s international influence as a mature economy that was world-class assets in tried-and-tested sectors such as automotive, machinery, manufacturing and technology.