Philippines, Japan enhance association in inaugural defense industry forum

defense industry forum

Japan and the Philippines conducted, on Wednesday in Taguig City, their very first defense industry forum. The forum was intended to get a know-how of the extent of the defense equipment cooperation among the two nations. The host of the forum was the International Cooperation Division of the Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency of Japan’s Ministry of Defense. It was an excellent place for partakers to talk about their experiences with procedures linked to defense equipment’s attainment and export.

The Department of National Defense Usec. Cardozo Luna stated that the affair was advantageous for the Philippines’s Armed Forces since it would let it switch itself to a reliable and qualified defense institution, while it widens the competitive substitutes for the Armed Forces of Philippines modernization schemes when they are briefed about Japanese defense technologies.

He stated how the Department of National Defense was in full support of the latest amendments of Japan’s Self-Defense Force Act which allowed the government of Japan and Japan’s Ministry of Defense with the necessary flexibilities for the Japanese military force to play an increased part in the maintenance of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific area by exporting good quality defense equipment to foreign nations, such as the Philippines.

In the year 2016, the two nations agreed to a defense contract which allowed the assignment, from Japan to the Philippines, of defense equipment and technology. This was intended to mark the increasing security association in the middle of China’s military build-up as well as vast maritime assertions.

Even though Japan shares the same defense contract with Australia and the United States, Philippines was the very first East Asian nation to be brought into such an agreement.

The Philippines and Japan, both have a distinct territorial disagreement with China when it comes to the South China Sea and the East China Sea.