South Korea Shall be launching satellites from Australia in the year 2020

A South Korean company has announced the launch o satellites from South Australia into space from the year 2020.

On Monday, Perigee Aerospace signed a Launch Facilities Agreement with the Southern Launch, and has become the first client of this proposed satellite launch facility at the Whaler’s Way near the Port Lincoln. Under this deal, the company from South Korea shall be able to make use of the site for launching small satellites by the second half of the year 2020.

On Monday, at the Space Forum which is an international industry event, the agreement was signed and also the 19th Australian Space Research Conference (ASRC) started in Adelaide on Monday.

The premier of SA, Steven Marshall, said that this forum being held along with the Southern Launch deal showed the votes of confidence in the space exploration industry of the state.

In December, the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison and the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews had announced that the headquarters of the first national space agency of Australia, the Australian Space Agency (ASA), would be set up in Adelaide.

The ASA has tripled the annual value of the space industry of Australia to twelve billion Australian dollars (8.1 billion US dollars) by the year 2030.

Earlier in September, during an official tour of the U.S., Morrison announced a hundred and fifty million Australian dollars (101.3 million U.S. dollars) in funding for helping the Australian businesses to work with NASA as it attempted to re