Team GB has developed technology for helping its athletes adapt to Japan for the Olympics Games in the year 2020

Olympic Games

Team GB are playing their role in helping to develop some amazing and immersive technology for the purpose of adapting athletes as well as their coaches to Japan even before they even for Olympic Games that are to be held next summer.

On Tuesday, the first athletes that will be representing Great Britain in the Olympics Games next year were announced. The planners of the Team GB have been working very hard for a number of initiatives for maximizing the performance of the athletes after the record medal tow in Rio de Janeiro in the year 2016.

Although for some of the athletes, training trips to Japan are somewhat common, especially the 12 sailors that were selected, for the rest of them, the conditions and environment will be new and unfamiliar. In order to combat this challenge, Team GB has been making great effort by amassing information as well as imagery which shall be converted into a visual guide after Christmas.

A proactive attempt has also been going on for deepening the culture of the team as well as the sense of shared history by including the athletes from the Olympics of 1964 that also took place in Tokyo, as a part of the preparations.

Next year, some of the clothing of Team GB shall be inspired by the designs that legends like Ann Packer and Lynn Davies have worn around 56 years ago. They will also be containing a few aspects of the Japanese culture and language.

Mark England, the chef de mission said that when he came out of Rio, where they had done a magnificent job, one field that he felt could improve was the culture as well as identity of the team. He said that he thought that it was very important for the athletes to better understand their position in the history of Team GB.