Facilitating the promotion of Czech entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates

The Czech Business Council in the Northern Emirates as well as in Dubai is a non-profit association which comprises of professionals and businessmen who are active in the United Arab Emirates. Certified with the Dubai Chamber, the company helps in the creation of a platform for the Czech companies which are operating in the company.

The Czech Business Council makes the ability of favorable conditions for the sharing of information as well as experience which are necessary in order to do business in the United Arab Emirates and for supporting the Czech companies who enter into the market of the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to this, The Czech Business Council also facilitates the establishment of cultural relations and joint businesses, investments, economic activities and various other initiatives between the United Arab Emirates and the Czech Republic.

How many total Czech companies are operating within the United Arab Emirates currently and what are the main sectors?

In the United Arab Emirates, The Czech Business Council at present has more than 300 members. The main sectors involving the Czech businesses here are inclusive of machinery, Information Technology, tourism and medical tourism, electronics, the food industry, power generation, crystal manufacturing, and various others.

What distinctive projects have you promoted during this time period?

The government of Czech made a request to me to develop an official Czech Business Council in the Northern Emirates and also in Dubai in 2014.

Being the president as well as founder of the Czech Business Council, I have helped in the creation of communication channels, publishing of the Membership Directory from 2017 to 2019, hosted various government delegations and prolonged the support of the Czech Business Council to various GCC nations, meanwhile organizing the Czech-Emirati Business Forum in collaboration with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry.