The relationship found between obesity and household dust

According to recent research, household dust contains certain Endocrine-disrupting chemicals which promote the production of fat cells and contributes to the abnormal growth in children comparative to their age. This research will be presented at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in La.

Doctor Christopher Kassotis said: “This is some of the first research investigating links between exposure to chemical mixtures present in the indoor environment and metabolic health of children living in those homes.”

Former research has revealed that the exposure of chemicals promotes the accumulation of triglycerides; a particular kind of fat located in the blood, and also increases obesity in animals.

This research by Kassotis & colleagues focused on investigating the effects of chemical mixtures distanced from house dust. For this, they accumulated 194 samples of house dust and then removed the chemicals from the dust in the lab. The extracted chemicals were tested for their capability of promoting the development of a fat cell in a cell model.

Founding of the test was described by Kassotis. He said: “We found that two-thirds of dust extracts were able to promote fat cell development and half promote precursor fat cell proliferation at 100 micrograms or approximately 1,000 times lower levels than what children consume on a daily basis.”

The researches then studied the relationship between the concentrations of the chemical in the dust and the extent of development of fat cells. Nearly 100 different chemicals were tested. Approximately seventy of the chemicals were found to have a positive relationship with the promotion of dust-induced fat cells and nearly 40 were the birth givers of precursor fat cells. Kassotis added: “This suggests that mixtures of chemicals occurring in the indoor environment might be driving these effects.”

Investigations are still carried out to find out whether the household products like cosmetics, detergents, paints or household cleaners have somehow any link with obesity of children of the households.